Magpie - reviewClaire has just left her marriage behind. But she never meant to leave her son, too. And now he’s missing. Where can Joe be? Does Duncan, her husband, have anything to do with it?

After more than 18 years of marriage, Claire is ready to admit that her marriage has fallen apart. Duncan has been cheating for years. They barely communicate. And then, there’s Joe. Her eighteen-year-old son has always had social difficulties, and Duncan never got over that. Claire raised him practically on her own. So, Claire decides to leave. And she’s taking Duncan with her.

Claire has it all planned out. She’ll soon have the keys to the cottage she rented. She’s slowly gathering her personal things without letting Duncan notice. And she’s almost ready to talk to Joe. But Joe has been absorbed with metal detecting for too long. And with his recent discovery of an old and valuable coin, strange people have taken notice. Amid preparations to leave her husband, Claire worries that her son might be in danger.

And then Joe disappears.

Magpie is a psychological thriller with an admittedly unexpected ending. Moving back and forth in time, the story shows us what this family’s life was before it broke down, and what happened after. As we watch from both Claire’s and Duncan’s angles, there’s always that one question stuck in our minds: where is Joe?

Magpie raises for the reader enough questions to keep them on their toes. And, in the same time, we go back in time to find out the true story of a family that used to have love for each other, but is now falling apart.

It’s true that in some parts the story was a little slow-paced. But as a whole, Magpie was a very interesting story to read. It ticks all the psychological thriller boxes. And, as a bonus? An ending you’ll definitely not expect!