M is for Magic

MForMagicWhat do trolls under old stone bridges want?

Do black cats really bring bad luck? How did the holy

Grail end up in an old lady’s house?

M is for magic,  and the stories hidden in this book are indeed magical, as well as amazingly entertaining.

Sometimes a little bit scary,  sometimes hysterical, always very witty,  this book proves one more that

Neil Gaiman never disappoints. Playing with words, popular lore and things that the human race has always

found to be interested and yet scared of at the same time , he creates a collection of small doses of magic .


A great book to read alone as well as with (older) children, this is absolutely worth reading . In need of a bit of magic in your life ? Are you fond of short stories? Are you maybe a Gaiman fan?  In that case, grab the book and a cozy blanket,  and let’s go on amusing journey!