Lock Me In

Lock me in - bibliophile reviewEllie Power seems normal enough. By day, that is. Because by night, Siggy comes visiting.

A quiet girl, a powerful alter ego

Some nights, while Ellie is asleep, Siggy wakes up in her. A dark alter ego, Siggy is violent, stressed, and scared. Most importantly? She’s unpredictable. Which is why Ellie is being locked in her room every night by her mother.

But this time, Ellie wakes up to find her door splintered, and the frame smeared in blood. Siggy has been out. And her boyfriend, Matt, is missing. Can Siggy have done something very dark? Ellie is determined to come to the bottom of this mystery.

Lock Me In is a story for the thriller seekers. Kate Simants lays out the crumbs for you to follow home. Be careful, though, because not everything is what it seems. Trust no one, challenge everything, and try to keep up in this thrilling game of hide and seek between two characters that hide inside the same body.

Imagine having a second self that comes alive while you’re asleep. Imagine waking up to them having done something horrible. Now, live the terror of that possibility in Lock Me In: a genius concept with a great narrative.

Lock Me In can easily become the next big thing on Netflix (please, oh please, let that happen). And it’s definitely something you should be reading!