Lily and the octopus-Let’s talk about books and (beautiful) heartbreaks

There are books to make you laugh, and books to make you feel scared. Mysteries and romances and all kinds of beautiful fairy tales out there. Biographies of interesting people, of dangerous people, of intelligent people. And then there is a category I call The Books Of Beautiful Heartbreaks. Is there such a thing as a beautiful heartbreak, you’ll ask. Well, yes, let me tell you about Lily and the octopus.

Lily is a happy, lovable dog that lives with her owner. She calls him “That Guy”…and sometimes “Dad”. Then one day, her Dad wakes up to find that Lily has a lump on her head- an octopus. And the heartbreak begins.

Through the author’s struggle to come to terms with his little companion’s illness, we get to see the two of them going through life, tackling problems, having a good time, be there for each other. I promise you, I got to love Lily as if I had met her myself. How strong can your bond with a dog be? Unbreakable. How much love can a small creature who can’t talk to you give to you? Endless. I laughed so much. My heart grew two inches by living – not merely reading, but actually living- with Lily and her Dad. My heart also broke. And I sat there, on my couch, crying my heart out, sobbing like a little girl, not being able to catch my breath for minutes. And after that – I kid you not- crying randomly all through the day just thinking about what I read, what I experienced through reading. Was it worth it? Yes. No hesitation. Just; yes.

This is the kind of book that would be the King of the beautiful heartbreaks. Sometimes, as in life, so in books, you have to go through the tough parts and they are worth it. Sometimes a story will be so beautiful and it will teach you so many lessons that the pain will be absolutely worth it.

So, do you read it? Yes. Read this emotional roller coaster. Read this beautiful story. Laugh, cry, get through it all. I hope you find it incredible. I hope some of you will want to create a Book Club of Heartbreakingly beautiful stories with me. And i hope you don’t avoid the pain in the stories. Go ahead. Be brave.