Lestat is back! Blood Communion, by Anne Rice

blood communion anne rice

We have missed you, Lestat!

How do you begin to write a review about a series that have been so well-known for such a long time? The majority of the bibliophilic world is familiar with Anne Rice. She is the person who gave us the series of novels about the sensual, smart, and – let’s face it- sometimes evil vampire Lestat. So, from the gifted writer who gave us lots and lots of incredible reading time, here comes the next book in the series: Blood Communion.

Prince Lestat against the world

Lestat is finally a Prince, presiding among vampires along with his court of trusted fellow creatures. But peace is not easy to maintain among such a violent race of beings. And new enemies have risen. More powerful than ever before, they will threaten the lives of many. And Prince Lestat will have to make a lot of hard decisions.

The mother of all vampire novels

From its birth to this, the most recent novel, Lestat has evolved a lot as a being. There have, of course, been characteristics of him withstanding during all of his adventures. However, as a reader I detected a higher level of maturity to a character that, up until now, has caused a lot of trouble.

Intelligent and narcissistic at the same time, Lestat has grown to care about some of his fellow vampire beings. And in this book, we see a slightly more responsible side of this charming vampire.

Should I read it?

This is a series that readers tend to either love or hate. Is this the book you want to start with if you haven’t read the series? Although the author has gone in great efforts to keep the readers up to date, I would definitely say this isn’t the book for Lestat first timers.

But if you’re familiar with this character, then go for it. It is a quick, thrilling and enjoyable read. And, let’s be honest: once you’re familiar with Lestat, you keep coming back for more!