Less : The 2018 Pulitzer Prize Winner should be on your reading list!



Arthur Less has hit rock bottom.

His fiftieth birthday approaches menacingly, his last novel has been rejected by his publishers, and, worst of all, his former lover of nine years has just sent him an invitation to his wedding. What can a person do when they feel at their lowest? Why, get away from their problems, of course!

In a desperate attempt to be far , far away from California when Freddy gets married, Arthur decides to accept all symposium and event invitations he has received around the world, thus embarking on a mini Odyssey of his own.

From New York to Europe to Africa

Less will find himself in situations that are funny, awkward, exciting, and overall unique. He will meet old friends, reminisce about the best years of his youth, and meet new lovers and friends. But, all the while, will he be able to get the troubling feelings out of his mind?

A story of loss and a story of gain

Less is a moving, heartbreaking and incredibly funny story of a man in mourning; of his youth, his work, and , most of all, his lost love life. Each part of this book is another chapter of our hero’s peculiar adventures. Through minor triggers – anything from a question to a phrase or a country itself- the hero, and thus the reader, too, is transported back to specific events of Arthur’s past. Minor flashbacks that give us, however, important glimpses into Less’s life, all the way back to his childhood.

It is not a boring kind of fictional memoir, however.The author makes sure that the parts of Arthur’s life we meet, are the parts we need in order to understand him. And understand him we do. In fact, you will find it is very easy both to empathize and to adore this man and his sorrows.

But maybe things are not as bad as Less himself imagines them. Less is not a tragic, miserable story of complaining. Here is a hero who decides to go out in the world despite his sorrows. And he gains many things in return for his bravery – just wait and see.

A book for your 2018 reading list

Less is a story written in such an excellent style, that it grasps the reader’s attention from page one, and it doesn’t let go. Easy going and full of caustic humor and heartbreaking moments, the adventure of Arthur Less will make time fly for you. An absolute must-read for fans of fiction, this is a book that should be on your 2018 reading list.