The Last Wild, by Piers Torday

The last wild

In a strange land..

..where animals are almost extinct, people are fed through artificial formulas and contact with nature is gone.

Kester Jaynes is locked away in a home for troubled children.

Mute and convinced that something is terribly wrong with him, he spends day after day in a facility where obedience is much more important than actual rehabilitation.

When a flock of birds starts talking to him, though, he will realize that maybe it’s not a problem that he actually has, but a gift.

With the help of a stubborn and fearless cockroach and a handful of determined pigeons, he will manage to escape his prison. Kester will soon discover his destiny: he is the last Wild, the person destined to save the animals from the great plague that is driving them extinct.

This is a captivatng story that makes you think twice about human interaction with nature, specifically fauna. This is a story that captivates you in its constant adventure. At the same time, it helps you understand the hubris of human nature. This is the potential future, if people are not careful or respectful enough. This is what the world might come to, in the worst case scenario.

But in the same time, you will be reminded that there is always hope. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Kester Jaynes is the light of this story. He is the hero the animals need, the hero the world needs, even if they cannot understand it.

The Last Wild, Greek edition

A beautiful dystopian adventure

The Last Wild begins as every great adventure should: with a detailed map! Unique in its plot, the story will guide you not only through what people think, but also what the animals do. This is a strongly recommended book, not only for adults, but also for teenagers and children. What better way to teach children to care about the world as a whole than through a book?