The Last Hours



June, 1348

The Black Death has reached England. Chaos starts to ensue in the English countryside.  Lady Anne of Develish will fight for her small community in order for them all to survive. While her evil husband is away, Lady Anne will take charge of the estate, barricading the area around the household in an attempt to save her people from sickness and inevitable death.

But whenever a large number of people get crammed in small spaces for too long, differences start to arise and fights are inevitable. The secrets that lay hidden in the family for decades will start to arise. Tension will grow stronger every day.As food rations get smaller and time goes by, Lady Anne will have to struggle to keep Develish’s situation stable.

At the same time decisions will have to be made; what are two hundred people going to do when the food runs out? Should they go back to the outside world or are they still in danger? And what happens if the whole country finds out about the family’s secrets?

Dark, suspenseful, intelligent


The Last Hours is a dark, intelligent historical fiction book that hides many secrets. Revolving around a pained past and a bleak present, the plot escalates slowly but surely, leading to the unveiling of painful secrets that leave the reader wondering: do the characters make the right choices?

The lead heroine, Lady Anne, is a strong, calm woman, who is determined to fight for the people that work for her estate. Unlike most noble families of the time, she is a caring person who considers all her serfs family. And that is what makes hes stand out in her era. Many characters make their appearance, most of whom have intertwining pasts, leading to intriguing background stories.

The Last Hours is an interesting, very well written book, and it is the first one in a series. Strongly recommended for the fans of historical fiction, it blends in perfectly with some hints of mystery, making it a very pleasant read.