A love through time: Ivy & Abe


Do you believe in soul mates?

Ivy and Abe is the tender story of two people that are soul mates. Two  people that are meant for each other meet in various places and times, under different circumstances. In timelines that extend from 2032 all the way back to 1965, these two people meet in different stages of their lives, always finding something that draws them to each other.

But the outcome can be very different

Sometimes they end up together, other times they part ways, but there is always a strong connection between them. This is a story of a million possibilities, a thousand different combinations, and a lot of what-ifs. And it is geniously displayed for the reader.

Two people. A million  possibilities

Ivy and Abe is an intelligent collection of different relationship versions of the same couple. It is a book that invokes a lot of thinking on timing, and how crucial it can be on your present, your future and your relationships. What would your relationship with your better half look like if you had met at a different time in your lives? Would you still be together? Would you have become a couple in the first place? Would things be better or worse?


But it’s not just about romantic connections. The stories involve more people in the protagonists’ lives. Parents, siblings, children; there are so many people involved in our lives, and they can sometimes determine the outcome of a relationship.  And then, there is life itself : conditions of health and sickness, work, and so many different ways a human can cope with everything, from happiness to loss and betrayal.


Ivy and Abe is a book with a distinctly unique concept. Exceptionally well written, it invokes  feelings without stretching the concept too far. Ivy and Abe is an enjoyable, thought  provoking read, strongly recommended to all fans of fiction.