I’ve Seen the End of You

I've seen the end of you - bibliophile.gr reviewWhen a neurosurgeon sees the MRI of a patient with the most cruel form of brain cancer, they know. They can say the have seen the end of you. But might it just be possible that even once in a blue moon they are wrong? And is that really the point, anyway?

These are just a few questions Dr W. Lee Warren answers in his book. Through his experiences with patients, the traumatic incidents, the heartbreaking moments, but also the heartwarming ones, Dr Warren gives us a glimpse into the life lessons he’s learned through his patients’ stories – but also through his own.

Dr Warren tackles the very difficult issues of life with a terminal illness, and how a person can still be filled with hope and faith to a greater power, even under those circumstances. Can you keep your faith even when you can see the end of a person, right there, clearly, on an MRI? Can you cope with random horrible things happening to you and your loved ones with no rhyme or reason?

I’ve Seen the End of You isn’t a book about answers. Neither is it a book about medical technicalities. Instead, it’s an honest, heartwarming account of a doctor that lays out his own thoughts for the world to see. And maybe, through that, he can give the readers a soft nudge so that they can question their own perspective on life, death, hope, and faith.