Humble Pi

Humble Pi - reviewMath: a word that brings so much hate in our brains. It reminds us of sitting at school, learning things we’d rather not be learning, because let’s face it: who needs math in their everyday lives, right? Well, wrong. And let me tell you why.

Actually, now that I think about it, I really wasn’t good at math, either, so let’s let Matt Parker take the lead on that, shall we? Humble Pi is a gem of a book. Ultimately, Parker shows us how our life is very (and I mean, very) connected to math – whether we want to accept that or not. But its genius lies in the fact that Humble Pi manages to do that in a very interesting, and often hilarious way. Real-life examples? Yes. Real-life blunders? Absolutely. Catastrophe avoided at the last minute? Check. Laughter? Oh, do not get me started on that!

Matt Parker has created a genius book with amazing facts, 100% valid points and huge doses of witty humor. A book that leaves you with food for thought. Fair warning: you might hate math a little less after reading Humble Pi. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

An absolute gem of a book. Absolutely recommended!