For History Addicts:The Titanic Disaster Hearings

1912, U.S.A. Merely a day after the survivors of the Titanic arrive in New York,  a preliminary hearing organized by the United States Senate takes place. The transcripts of the hearing,  kept locked away for a very long time, were published in this book for the first time. No fictional elements, no experts’ opinions, just pure history.

This is the complete transcripts of the hearing, full of interviews of the survivors, with the focus being mainly on the surviving members of the crew. Why did the ship sink? Why didn’t the crew have binoculars on the lookout? Could the collision have been avoided? Did the life boats come back for the freezing people in the sea? Could more ships have arrived in time to help the vessel in distress?

You will not find conclusions here, and this is the think I liked more about this book. You will only see the answers the witnesses gave, and you can form your own opinion on the matter. Definitely better than any Titanic documentary you have ever wached, if you are a history addict, this is the book for you!