Gripping Thrillers: The Family Upstairs

The Family Upstairs - reviewIn the beautiful mansion in the posh neighborhood of Chelsea, a baby lies in her cot, happy and asleep. Meanwhile, downstairs, the bodies of three adults lie in the kitchen, poisoned. The teenager children of the house have gone missing, never to be found.

The secrets of the family upstairs

The Chelsea mansion has kept its secret  for two and a half decades.

But now it’s time to stir the past. Because the baby is an adult. And it’s time to know what happened to her family.

The Family Upstairs is an intriguing story of mysteries, family secrets, betrayals, and survival. Lisa Jewell manages to create a dark, atmospheric story with multi-layered characters.

Everyone has a strange past. Everyone has a secret that, if revealed, everyone’s lives will change forever. But, as much as they don’t wish for that to happen, not even twenty years of silence are enough. It’s time for the truth to be revealed. And, although it looks straight-forward enough, the twists and turns create a bumpy, unpredictable road.

Great narrative, intelligent characters, realistic tragedies: these are the components Lisa Jewell has used very effectively, creating a successful, attention-gripping thriller that the reader won’t be able to put down. This is definitely a recommended read, especially for the fans of psychological thrillers.