Graphic Novel Thursday: Joylandia

Joylandia - Bibliophile.grHouppeland is very, very happy place.

In fact, you’re not allowed to be anything but happy, cheerful and festive.

In a dystopian present, citizens are obligated to always be cheerful. Merry and  joyful, they have to pretend that everything is wonderful in every festive season. Whether it’s Christmas or Valentine’s Day, everyone complies to the festive norm, joining celebrations and being “happy” at all costs. Everyone who doesn’t comply will be dealing with the Jolly Fellow squad.

And then, the nightmare begins.

When our hero meets a woman that decides enough is enough, they will both realise that pretending should come to an end. But the Jolly Fellow squad is not kidding, and their lives are in danger.

Joylandia is a genius allegory of pretend happiness during the festive season. Sarcastic, smart and compelling, this is a plot that will keep the reader captivated. The analogies are everywhere, and the whole story is very well constructed, becoming a very interesting read. Definitely a recommended read for everyone, and an especially good pick for comic book lovers.