Graphic Novel Thursday: The Daughters of Salem

The daughters of Salem - Bibliophile.grA Salem story retold

It’s the 1690s. In a small, puritan village, a young girl sets of a chain of hysterical reactions when she befriends a native of the Abenaki tribe. What is about to ensue is a graphic portrayal of the Salem Witch Trials, re-imagined by Thomas Gilbert.

This is exactly what I, as a reader, would have imagined the era and mentality to look like. A small society on the verge of massive hysteria, unable to understand or accept anything outside its norms. This work could definitely have been expanded into a full novel. But even as is, it doesn’t fail to inspire and provoke some serious thoughts. The reader can definitely relate to it in 2019 as easily as they would 100 years ago.

An excellent job from Thomas Gilbert, accompanied by suiting, beautiful illustrations.