My grandmother sends her regards and apologises, by Fredrik Backman


My grandmother sends her regards and apologises

“Because not all monsters were¬† monsters from the beginning. Some were made monsters out of pain.”

Elsa is not like other children.

She can recite Harry Potter by memory.¬† Wikipedia is a piece of cake for her. She knows things other eight-year-olds don’t. Elsa is special. And her only friend is her Granny.

Grandmother has always been Elsa’s hero,

her best friend, and her partner in crime. But when Granny gives her a secret mission, Elsa will realize she knows a lot less about her grandmother than what she thought.

While defending the world they created together, the Kingdom of Almost Awake, Elsa will discover there’s more to people than meets the eye. Not all monsters are evil. People keep secrets, and sometimes there’s a good reason behind them. Anger is sometimes sorrow in disguise. And, most importantly, she will get the hardest lesson of all: that whatever happens, life goes on.

Backman works magic in this novel.

He has managed to touch so many aspects of human relationships in a single story, that it makes it hard to describe. Love, loss, pain, secrets, compassion, laughter and magic. And through it all, the hardest lesson a human learns throughout their lives: the lesson of loss and carrying on.

The author has an incredible ability of describing serious matters in a witty way,. The reader goes back and forth between the reality and the Kingdom of Almost Awake. Surprisingly, however, you will find no difficulty following the story right to its end…or is the end just another beginning?