On Gothic fantasy : The Atrocities, by Jeremy C. Shipp


Something strange is happening in this family

Danna arrives at a strange, large estate in order to be a tutor to young Isabella. What her parents have failed to inform her about, though, is Isabella is a little different than the other girls.

Her young pupil hasn’t been alive for quite a while. Bella’s mother is convinced that after her fatal accident, the little girl has returned to the house and is living with them. Her husband insists that his wife has a shattered soul, refusing to accept their daughter’s death.

Which one is correct?

Does Isabella actually exist? And, if not, why are strange things happening in the house?

The Atrocities is a wonderful novella with an intriguing story. Constructed exceptionally well, the plot holds the reader’s attention to the end. Filled with twists and turns, the story makes it difficult for the reader to predict the truth behind the mystery, making the book all the more entertaining. A story recommended for all fans of ghost stories, thrillers and supernatural fiction, this is a quick, thrilling and captivating read.