Children’s book: Gods and Heroes , by Korwin Briggs


Workman Publishing. $19.95, Hardcover

In lands of peculiar Gods and Epic heroes

A long, long time ago, people believed in deities and heroes very different from what people worship nowadays. Every culture has its stories, its heroes and its Gods. Follow along as Korwin Briggs introduces us to some of those very interesting figures.

From Irish gods to Greek heroes, the variety is impressing. More than 70 characters are hidden between these pages. Accompanied by banners that show you the myths’ origins, this is an exciting book filled with stories from around the world!

But that’s not all! Along with all those mythical figures come the dragons, the monsters and other creatures of lore!

“This oversize, richly illustrated browser’s delight should spark imagination and considerable interest.”


A well-researched, fun and beautiful book

Gods and Heroes is informative in a simple and comprehensive way. This is a certain fit for children of all ages. Followed by charming and humorous illustrations, the stories are short enough to grasp attention, but at the same time long enough to introduce the child to some amazing myths. Stories of power, charity, good and evil will fascinate the young ones!

Mythology can have many benefits for the young readers. From teaching them about different cultures to encouraging curiosity, learning about different gods and  heroes will unlock their imagination, and that can only lead to more fun!

Gods and Heroes is a great read-along for parents and children,creating fun for the whole family! But I would also recommend this to adults; we all stand to benefit a lot with this wonderful book!

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About the writer of Gods and Heroes


Korwin Briggs

Korwin Briggs is a writer and illustrator who grew up in a small town halfway between Philadelphia and Amish country. He went to an old Quaker boarding school where he shot lots of nerf guns and then to the Rhode Island School of Design where he drew lots of chickens. Since graduating, he’s been working as a professional freelance artist in a couple of different cities (currently New York).