Children’s book: The Girl with the Dragon Heart

the girl with the dragon heart - bibliophile.grWelcome to Drachenburg

In the beautiful kingdom of Drachenburg lives a bright young girl, who tells stories like no other human can. Silke’s ability to weave stories is so good, that even the crown princess has noticed it. And now that she has, she will need Silke to work for her on a dangerous task that requires a lot of intelligence.

The fairies are coming to the Kingdom of Drachenburg, and nobody knows why. Having lived underground years, the fae are cunning, secretive people. And very, very dangerous.

A girl with a Dragon heart

Silke, along with her friends from the Chocolate Heart, will have to use all their wits to figure out why the faery folk decided to visit their kingdom. But, in the meantime, the bright young orphan will uncover a truth about her own dreadful past.

Welcome to a wonderful fairytale, where all kinds of different creatures coexist. Magical kingdoms, cunning creatures, honorable dragons; every kind has a part to play in this intelligent story with a twist of mystery. The Girl with the Dragon Heart is a tale about accepting yourself, being the hero of your own story, and standing up for your loved ones.

Silke is a unique character. Even though she has gone through a lot of adversities, she keeps being strong and open to love people around her. Never one to back down from doing what she believes is right, she takes on a very difficult task to protect the people she calls  family.

Love, friendship and family

The Girl with the Dragon Heart is an excellent children’s story. But it can easily be read  by an adult as well. It is strongly suggested for parents to read this book with their children, as a lot of constructive and wonderful conversations can be made. Silke will transport you to a different place,  and  teach us all some wonderful lessons on love, family and friendship.