I geeked out over Geekerella (and I’m not sorry)! Geekerella, by Ashley Poston


Geeks of the world, unite!

We’ve all been there – there are some things we obsess over that most people don’t. This is how the “geek” term got to exist in its current form, right? There are many things you can geek out on : a sci-fi series (I mean, hello Doctor Who!), comic books, you name it. So when you stumble upon a book  whose main character is, well, let’s face it, actually you, you tend to love it immediately. Which is how I came to love this wonderful, geeky, absolutely adorable story of Elle. Let me introduce you to our modern Cinderella.

Move over, Cinderella. You have some serious competition!

Elle  is the ultimate fan of all things sci-fi, and Starfield, the classic sci-fi series, is her absolute favorite. She knows all the lines and all the trivia. Starfield is part of her life. Which is good, because living with her sour stepmother and her spoiled twin  daughters is an everyday trial to her sanity. Having already lost both mother and father, her only consolation in life is Starfield, which she used to watch with her dad when he was alive. That is, until she receives a message from an unknown person, who seems smart, funny, and, above all else, a true fan of all things Starfield!

Along comes Darien

Darien never expected to become a star. Becoming a teen actor was strange enough, but after his last series he managed to get the lead role in the Starfield movie remake. Things don’t seem all that rosy, however, as Starfield’s hardcore fans seem to hate him being casted as Prince Carmindor. Darien feels alone, and like an absolute fraud. The only thing that makes him smile, is those text messages he exchanges every day with that unknown girl.

Two characters who seem so different, come together in the most unexpected way. By mere luck, they will come to know each other. Maybe, after all, they have much more in common than what they had expected.

Modern, sweet, real

Geekerella is the most modern and real version of Cinderella you could find nowadays. Simple, true, and incredibly witty, the heroine is a completely relatable and lovable character. Ashley Poston has retained some basic features of the fairytale, and has used them as pillars for her version of the story. The result is more than satisfactory, as it is obvious that the original version blends very well with this one.

Both main characters have a well described background, thus making it easier for the reader to understand the reasons behind every feeling and reaction – in fact, Darien is a lot more relatable than the original fairy tale’s prince. Surrounded by their friends and foes, both Elle and Darien are active heroes who fight against fate for what they want, which makes them all the more likable.

What makes you a Princess?

Geekerella contains a genius alternate concept to what makes you a Prince or a Princess. In both their occasions, the “title” they come to wear has nothing to do with their birth or pedigree and everything to do with how they feel inside and how much they have struggled, and this I applaud wholeheartedly.  Here comes a modern fairy tale that doesn’t use entitled figures.

Both heroes start off as underdogs, both of them work hard, and a wonderful messages is laid out for the reader to see: you don;t need to be born into something in order to achieve it ; you need to want it badly and work for it hard. Now, isn’t that a much better aftermath than our dear old Cinderella?

An ode to our inner geek

Geekerella is an ode to your inner (and why not? outer, too) geek. Here’s to people we consider underdogs, here’s to lonely people, to all of us out there who struggle. Geekerella is here to remind us, in its own sweet way, that dreams come true – not with the help of a fairy godmother, but with will, work, and loved ones surrounding us.