Five Feet Apart: The love story of 2019


Five Feet Apart -“Another book turning into a movie?”, you’ll sigh exasperated. I know, not all movies make justice to the books. But bookworms around the world are anxiously anticipating this one. So, have you heard of Five Feet Apart? If not, here we go…

“I smile at him, and take one more stolen step, until we’re five feet apart”

Stella has sacrificed a lot of things in  to stay alive.

With cystic fibrosis casting a long shadow over her lifespan, she does everything in her power to stay in control. The teenager takes her medication on time, visits the hospital when she needs to be in therapy. And, most importantly, she stays six feet away from every other patient with CF.

Stella is the excellent girl that respects all her rules.

That is, until Will comes to the hospital.

Will’s determined to find a way out of the hospital. He wants to spend his remaining years actually living instead of spending it under medication. His lifespan has been cut even shorter by a bacteria in his lungs – a highly contagious one. Which is why he should stay away from that beautiful, stressed-out girl. He knows he should. But can he do it?

Two stories collide

These are two people that are the exact opposites. But, as much as they want to stay away from each other, they’ll soon find they can’t do it. As they get to know each other better, Will will realise he wants to live longer to be around her, and Stella will realise he doesn’t actually have the death wish she had thought.

But the problem remains: the two of them will have to stay six feet apart. That’s the only way Stella will remain safe. Six feet apart. Is it actually that important for Stella anymore?

A love story or a tragic tale?

The ultimate love story or a tragic tale of two young people in love who cannot ever touch each other? Five Feet Apart is both. This is a sweet tale of two completely different people, who will actually find common ground in very difficult circumstances.

The story definitely holds many similarities to Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. However, it is at the same time very different, with a generous dose of the writer’s own kind of humour, and a bittersweet narrative.

There’s more to this  than meets the eye. You will get a glimpse to more than a romance: step into the book and meet the life and struggles of people living with Cystic Fibrosis, painting a picture that is well-educated and very accurate.

Love, loss, pain and struggle are all present in Stella’s story, as well as in Will’s. But there’s also resilience and determination. This is a story about hope, as much as about love.

Five Feet Apart is a book I would recommend to all readers. After all, there’s something to take from this story for everyone. So, while you’re expecting for the movie to drop (who are we kidding? We’re all going to watch it), please, oh please: read the book first!