Evil Librarian : (thankfully) not another classic supernatural story


Evil Librarian

A normal town, a normal school, normal lives…right?

Cynthia and her best friend, Annie, are high school students. A normal town, a normal school, normal lives. Until the day there are some very exciting news: there’s a new librarian in school!

Cynthia expects to see a bald, middle-aged man with glasses. Except this one is different. The new librarian is young, handsome and incredibly charming.

But, soon enough, Cynthia’s friend seems to get more than a little transfixed with him, and she is not the only one. Something strange seems to be happening in the school, and Cynthia is determined to find what evil forces hide behind the charming face of Mr Gabriel.

“You’re not human”, he says.

He begins to laugh. Then he stops laughing and winks at us.

“Strangely, the job description did not specify that as a requirement”.


bibliophile.grA hilarious story, Evil Librarian is smart and exciting to read. At last, a fiction book with supernatural creatures that doesn’t take itself way too seriously! There are lots of books out there were the weight of the world weighs upon the hero’s shoulders – and it’s not necessarily bad. But sometimes readers just need something with a lighter tone, and more humor.

Michelle Knudsen manages to find the perfect balance between action, romance and humor. There were a lot of points through the story where I cracked up laughing. Especially when it came to Cynthia’s thoughts.

Finally! A unique, strong heroine

The story is written through the heroine’s perspective in its entirety. We find out a lot about her friendships, ambitions, and – let us not forget- her crush. The highlight of her character, however,  is her cleverness, and her determination to save the people she cares about.  No more naive heroines who blindly do what they’re told. Here’s a smart young woman taking charge!


Should you read this?

I cannot stress enough how much you will enjoy this. All in all, I have to admit that I bought this book half expecting I would either get bored of it or it would be ridiculously straight forward in its plot. I am happy to inform you that I was proven wrong. I found a genuine plot, laughter up until the last pages, and beautifully constructed characters. If supernatural creatures are your thing in literature, don’t miss out on giving this gem a try!