Dreams shattered and lives regained: Brave Enough, by Kati Gardner

Brave enough by Gardner - bibliophile.grMeet Cason and Davis

Cason Martin is a teenager with high ambitions. She is one of the finest ballerinas, and one day she is going to be the best there is. But things start to change when Cason, for the sake of an audition, hides a painful injury. As her knee snaps, things start to go downhill. Cason is diagnosed with cancer, and her life changes dramatically.

Davis Channing has already been twice close to dying. Once when he had cancer, and once as a drug addict. After an arrest, he has sobered himself and works in the Children’s Cancer Wing as community service. He expects many days of hard work and , maybe, boredom. What he doesn’t expect is to find someone that will help him change his life.

Davis and Cason are both at their hardest point in life right now. But although problems and hardships make it difficult for them, they will be drawn together. Each of them has a valuable life lesson for the other one. Are they willing to overcome their life’s hardships and move on?

On dreams, hardships, and hope

Brave Enough is a unique story which is both very hard to describe, and very hard not to love. This is a book that portrays so many struggles: from cancer to fear of death, as well as fear of never being the same again, to losing normalcy, the struggles of addiction and physical, as well as emotional pain. But it all comes to the decision to regain control of your life, pursuit happiness in challenging times, and the will to do more than merely survive.

Kati Gardner’s story was moving, made me emotional on more than one occasion, and felt incredibly real. The characters – not only Cason and Davis, but also all those surrounding them- were beautifully created, and each one had an important part to play in this story.

This is an incredible book that I would definitely recommend to all fans of fiction, YA and general fiction alike.