Death and other happy endings

Death and other happy endings - bibliophilegr reviewAll Jennifer felt was tired. But her blood tests have shown otherwise.

The doctor is sure: her illness is terminal. Now, Jen is left with only  three months to live. And with that short a lifespan, she can only think of one thing: what she regrets not having done in her life.

Trying to make her time count, Jen embarks on an adventure of freedom, truth, love, and catharsis. How did she really feel when her marriage broke down? Why does she regret breaking up with her boyfriend? How can she fix her relationship with her sister?

Jen will write three painfully honest letters. And she will get an answer to each of them. But with every action come the consequences, and she might be out for more than what she had expected. Can her life change in the last minute? And is it worth it?

Death and Other Happy Endings is a delightful story that takes the reader through a variety of feelings. Yep, that’s right, get ready to hop on a unique emotional roller coaster! From painfully true to hilariously funny and then achingly sorrowful, Jennifer’s story seems so real, as if a person you know is actually going through it all. In fact, sometimes you can’t help but feel you’re the one who’s actually going through it.

But in all the pain and surprise of this horrible situation, the prospect of death is, as the title suggests, going to bring Jennifer some very happy endings. Truths are painful, after all, but they are also cathartic.

Death and Other Happy Endings has been a delight to read. Smart, funny, real, it’s a story you’ll want to finish in one sitting. Definitely a recommended read.