Days of Sugar and Spice

Days of sugar and spice review

Rose’s life as a graphic designer in Paris turns upside down overnight. A call lets her know that her estranged father has died, leaving her his bakery in a small town in Brittany.

Her initial plan is simple. She intends to just travel there for a day, accept the inheritance and sell the property. But it seems that life has other plans for her. Once she meets her old friend from school and her auntie again, Rose will start learning more about her real childhood. And, along with those realizations, her decisions are going to change.

Heartbreakingly beautiful, Days of Sugar and Spice is a story that will make the reader’s mind wander. The characters are simply lovable – from her old friend to her lovely auntie. There’s a generous dose of humor involved, and the plot is well-built and beautifully presented through dreamy illustrations.

Truth be told, Days of Sugar and Spice will take you for a ride in an emotional roller coaster. But it is definitely worth it. The story will leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling, and it’s a quick read you can finish in one day. Perfect for the season, right?