Darkwood - bibliophile reviewYou mustn’t go into the Darkwood. Dangerous creatures lurk there. And whoever walks in, never comes back. You’re in danger.

But are you, really?

In the land of Myrsina, magic is forbidden. Witches are hunted by the huntsmen. And by witches, we mean women who are clever or can do… math.

When Gretel is uncovered as a woman clever enough to keep ogres away from her village, a huntsman will come for her. She has to go into Darkwood to save her life. But will she ever come back?

Gretel will soon realize that not all stories are true, appearances don’t matter, and sometimes the truth is much more complicated. Joining a team of outcasts that have been chased as witches, Gretel will have to find a way to protect her village from the real danger: the huntsmen.

Darkwood is a brilliant book that mixes elements from different fairy tales, creating a story all fans of fantasy will love. Magic, friendship, fighting for what is right are all elements that come into this. With generous doses of sarcasm and dark humor, Darkwood is an absolutely enjoyable read.