The Darkest Star, by Jennifer L. Armentrout

the darkest star tor bibliophileIn a world where humans co-exist with aliens, seventeen-year-old Evie Dasher has experienced the war between the two species first-hand. With a mother working in military and a father that died in the war, Evie has learned to keep away from the Luxen.

But then, thanks to a friend, she is caught up in a club that is notorious for letting the Luxen roam unsupervised from humans. That’s where Evie will meet Luc.

And that will turn her world upside down.


Following a series of peculiar events that unravel fast, Evie will get to realize that maybe Luxen aren’t the danger she has learned to assume. And Luc, the otherworldly handsome guy with the extraordinary abilities might not be what she has expected him to be.

As things start to seem more and more familiar to her, a lot of impossible things will turn into possible, and Evie’s life will never be the same.

“There’s nothing we can do other than live with the promise of tomorrow while knowing it may not come.”


The Darkest Star is a successful Sci-Fi and YA mix, with generous amounts of romance, mystery and humor. Witty dialogue and well-constructed characters make this a very good read. It is fast-paced, well-written, and filled with unexpected events.

There is a strong analogy connecting Humans-Aliens with today’s politics and the way in which we treat people we don’t know. The issue was portrayed so well and carefully, that it definitely added to the value of the author’s storytelling.

Truth be told, there were some clichés present. For example, the stunningly gorgeous guy with the six pack, or the very detailed, heart-melting kissing scenes. But all in all, taking in mind that lots of people actually enjoy the extended romance, it wasn’t bad at all!

The Darkest Star is a very interesting, emotion-invoking story that readers will find easy to make their own.  This is a strongly recommended read for all fans of YA and Sci-Fi novel.