Cosy Mysteries : Cherringham , A dinner to die for


How do you feel about cozy mysteries?

I find them quite charming.  They’re easy to read, with a compact plot and, if written well, very enjoyable. Which is why I opt to read at least one cozy mystery book per month, usually between books that are considered “heavier reads”. This month’s cozy mystery book was Cherringham: A Dinner to Die for.

Welcome to Cherringham!

The little village of Cherringham lives a quiet life. Everyone in the village knows the Spotted Pig, the beloved restaurant which is a meeting spot for all the locals. However, Cherringham finds itself in quite a stir when a new restaurant opens up. Its chef, Anna, insists someone is tampering with her work, trying to drive her customers away and destroy her reputation. She also seems quite sure that the culprit is the owner of the  Spotted pig. Their hidden mutual past certainly points to that direction.

But are things really that simple?

Jack, a former police officer, and Sarah, a local, have handled mysterious cases before. This time the situation escalates quickly, and they will have to investigate before things get out of hand. Much as everyone likes the owner of the Spotted Pig, can he actually be the person sabotaging a fellow chef? Is this personal? Or can there be another explanation?

A fast paced cozy mystery  book.

A quick and pleasant read, Cherringham is quite entertaining. It is well written and easily read in a day. With interesting characters along the way of the plot, the book lets the reader put the pieces of this well constructed plot puzzle together. All in all a good addition to the cozy mystery variety, it is recommended for the fans of the mystery genre.