Children’s book : A place for Pluto



Pluto used to be a planet

Pluto used to be a planet, one of the “famous nine”. Until one day, humans decided he wasn’t fit to be one. What could poor Pluto do? Feeling alone and different, he started searching for others that might be just like him!

An amusing way to learn new things!

A Place for Pluto is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about Pluto’s ranking change from planet to dwarf planet. Using very sweet, emotional and funny lines, the author manages to give children all the right information, while at the same time keeping the story very interesting.

Finding out where we belong

A Place for Pluto manages to be both informative about astronomy and about fitting in at the same time, which actually makes the book double-worth it! Sometimes we all feel left out, until we find where we belong, and the story of Pluto sends this wonderful message! There is also extra information about Pluto at the end of the story. All in all, a book strongly recommended for children and adults alike!