Children’s Book : The Most Magnificent Thing


Let’s go on an adventure!


A little girl and her best friend, her dog, start off an adventure to make the Most Magnificent Thing! But, as she keeps trying, she finds that her invention is not perfect. It is not the Most Magnificent Thing, and that makes her furious!But the smart little girl is not about to give up. After a long walk with her little helper, she finds the inspiration she needed so much!

 Try, and try, and try again

The Most Magnificent Thing is a beautiful, small story about trying, failing and not giving up. The little girl and her wonderful assistant teach us all, young and not-so-young, that sometimes all you need is another perspective.

We don’t always succeed in our first try – or even the fifth or the tenth, and it is quite alright. What matters is to try – again and again, if necessary. And, after all, what if the result of our tries isn’t perfect? It’s still our accomplishment, and we should be proud of it!

The Most Magnificent thing is a wonderful book to read with your children, or even by yourself when you are feeling down. This is a story of optimism, persistence and thinking out of the box. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for all children to think that way?