Children’s Book Tuesday: A stage full of Shakespeare stories

You love Shakespeare. But do your children?

Nearly no one can deny that Shakespeare was a great figure of English theatre. Of course, there was also the creation of word – did you know that a lot of the words we use nowadays come from the man himself? Clearly, reading Shakespeare’s works has a lot of advantages. And children could also learn a lot from his works, and in the same time enjoy them.

But when is the right time for children to read Shakespeare?

Well, here’s the answer: a book full of Shakespeare’s works, specifically written for children. A brilliant introduction to Shakespeare , A Stage Full of Shakespeare Stories is a collection of beautifully written summaries for Shakespeare’s most popular works.

Accompanied by vibrant and aesthetically pleasing illustrations, this collection can not only inform children about these great works, but also sparkle their curiosity and lead them to read extensively on the original works.

A Stage Full of Shakespeare Stories is a beautiful book that both adults and children will definitely love! Strongly recommended for all ages.