Children’s book: Megabat and Fancy Cat

Megabat and Fancy Cat - Bibliophile.grMegabat is back!

But along with his pigeon friend, there’s a new addition to the family. One that Megabat isn’t very excited about!

It’s almost Christmas, and Megabat is settled with Daniel’s family for good. But, as the family is ready to celebrate the “dead tree day” with presents, Megabat will witness an unpleasant surprise: there’s a new member in the family. A beautiful cat. And Daniel is excited! Megabat? Not so much.

As Daniel starts paying more and more attention to the newly adopted family member, Megabat is scared that he won’t be loved anymore. Surely, he can find a way to get rid of this hairy four-legged thing? This is definitely the beginning of a new adventure!

A dearly loved character, our friend Megabat is back! This is the second book about the adventures of this adorable little bat in his new home, and it’s absolutely delightful! Funny at times, and serious when it needs to be, this is a story about jealousy, insecurities, friendship, but, above all else, a story about love. With the help of our little friends, young readers will spend their time enjoying a delightful story, while at the same time they will learn that love isn’t divided; instead, it multiplies, and it grows stronger and stronger.

Megabat is a tender story ideal for middle school children, and it’s especially useful when a new member is about to join a family. A highly recommended read, it works great as a read-along with the parents, too.