Children’s Book: A Monster Like Me

A monster like me - Bibliophile.grSophie might be young, but she’s definitely smarter than most people. Why? Well, she can spot a monster from miles away – even if it’s disguised as a human. And her big book of monsters helps her spot them even more easily. But how does she do it?

Sophie has a secret.

She is a monster in disguise herself. At least, that’s what her face hemangioma makes her feel like. Which is why she spends her time avoiding children at school, hiding behind her hair and book, and leads a lonely life. That is, until she finds a new friend at school. Autumn is a fairy, and she loves Sophie just the way she is. Together, Sophie and Autumn embark on an adventure that will help her magically transform into a human again.

A loving story about image issues, self-love, friendship and everything-complicated.

A Monster Like Me is a truly unique and magnificent book that all children (and grown ups) should read. In a beautiful, allegorical way, the author helps children realize that being different doesn’t equal being shunned, and beauty comes from the inside.

Tackling the difficult aspects of bullying and social acceptance, Wendy Swore manages to create a sweet story that will leave everyone reading it emotional. Through the mind of a child, the reader will see (and actually feel) what the life of a bullied and self-conscious child looks like – and what it can lead to if not handled properly. But the reader will also see what love and acceptance can lead to.

A Monster Like Me is a beautiful, moving story told so expertly, that no reader should miss out on. There’s a lot to learn from Sophie – both for young readers and older ones. Definitely a recommended read.