Wolf Hall - bibliophile review

Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel

“The fate of people is made like this, two men in small rooms. Forget the coronations, the conclaves of the cardinals….this is how the world changes.” Sixteenth century. Twenty years after their marriage, the Royal Couple have failed to produce...

Books about magic - bibliophile review

5 books to read if you love magic

Magic..The thing we love about it the most, is probably its infinite possibilites. No wonder books around magic fascinate us so much. I haven’t put the Harry Potter series in this list. Not beacause they’re not good, of course (Hufflepuff...

Seraphina - bibliophile review


We are all monsters and bastards, and we are all beautiful Welcome to  the kingdom of Goredd …where after many years of war against the dragons, humanity has decides to live with them after the signing of a peace treaty....