The Bengal Identity: Mystery with a hint of … meow!

A book where a kitty is one of the main characters? Yes, please!

A mysterious young man steps into Cassie’s Comfy Cats pet grooming facility, asking for shelter for his cat. After having groomed the kitty, Cassie and her assistant discover that Ayesha’s fur has been dyed brown, and she’s far from an ordinary cat.   Ayesha is a Bengal, one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world. And her camouflage can only mean one thing: someone is trying to hide her identity.

Things get (even more) serious

When the strange man that left Ayesha at Comfy Cats turns up murdered, Cassie realizes that she’s been involuntarily involved in a mysterious plot. Why had the Bengal cat been disguised as an ordinary brown kitty? Was that man  Ayesha’s true owner? Whom might that kitty belong to?

As she desperately tries to find the owner of the cat, while trying to keep it away from prying eyes, Cassie will find her employee attacked. Someone will also try to break in her shop. This is where things will get personal, and Cassie will put all her powers in finding the culprit.

Cozy mystery with a hint of feline fur

This is a pleasant, easy-going book. Part of a series of cozy mysteries called Cat Groomer Mysteries, it is probably a must-read for fans of the feline. I found the plot smart and quite funny. There is some background to the characters, although I would personally have enjoyed a bit more to their stories. However, this is a book series, which means we will be expecting more about Cassie and her life soon enough!

The Bengal Identity is, as one would expect, very cute as far as the cat descriptions are concerned, and probably well researched on the topic. All in all, a pleasant story that can be read in a day. If you’re looking for something relaxing that you can read easily, The Bengal Identity is a very good choice.