“Because you’ll never meet me” Or An ode to friendship

BYNMM-Cover-265x400Ollie is a teenager with severe responding-to-electricity epilepsy. He lives in a cabin in the woods and can have no contact with anything running on electricity, from a TV to the cable wires that lie some miles off the house road. Moritz is a boy born without eyes and with a weak heart.

He has a pacemaker and he can see through echo location. With the encouragement of their mutual physician they become pen pals, and all of their secrets become known to each other. They are happy, sad, scared and angry together through their correspondenceā€¦because they can never meet each other.

A sad and beautiful story of two teenagers that leave miles away from each other, yet have so many things in common, this is the ultimate ode to friendship. Two people , both having very little in their lives, both wanting to give everything they want to the other one. Their hard lives are laid there for us to see. How does one cope with not meeting people? What is school like for someone who gets bullied because he is different? What is it like for you to have one friend only and not be able to ever meet them? Ollie and Moritz will start building a mutual trust, confide each other, give each other advice.Ā  As time goes by, their advice will get them through hard times, make them feel less lonely, make them appreciate more the things they already have. And maybe, after all, they will find a way to meet in the end.