Dreamland - bibliophile review


1911, New York. Peggy is a member of the Battenbergs, one of the richest families in America. And although she would like to lead a more normal life, when her family asks her to spend the summer with them in...

The weight of a soul - review

The Weight of a Soul

Lena could be a typical teenager in a Viking village. But she has a great difference from every other: as the firstborn daughter of the village Chief, she knows that one day, the village will be hers. But that comes...

Days of sugar and spice review

Days of Sugar and Spice

Rose’s life as a graphic designer in Paris turns upside down overnight. A call lets her know that her estranged father has died, leaving her his bakery in a small town in Brittany.

Magpie - review


Claire has just left her marriage behind. But she never meant to leave her son, too. And now he’s missing. Where can Joe be? Does Duncan, her husband, have anything to do with it?