American Royals

American Royals - review

Being a future Queen looks glamorous. But what happens when you have to put your duty to your country over the love of your life?

In a parallel universe where George Washington became a King instead of a President, America is still ruled by his descendants. And, for the first time in American History, there won’t be a future King. There will be a future Queen.

Royal duty…

Beatrice has been raised to be the first Queen regnant of America. But that means her husband will also have to be of noble blood. So, what happens when she is forced to find a suitable husband, when all she wants is to be with a commoner?

…and royal trouble

Meanwhile, Beatrice’s younger sister Sam has always felt like the “spare” one. The one that will never be a Queen. The person without person. When this wild-mannered girl meets Lord Teddy Eaton, she finally falls in love. But he’s her sister’s choice for a King consort. And thing are about to get even more complicated!

Part romance, part drama, and a hint of comedy combine to create American Royals. It’s a story that strongly resembles a romantic drama you’d watch on TV – and it has exactly the same appeal. Narrated by four different women, the story unfolds through various angles, giving us the thoughts and feelings of each one as it goes.

The story is packed with romance, and the trouble that – of course- comes with it in these stories. Relatable? Probably not that much, except if you’re actually royalty, or a “commoner” in a relationship with them. But enjoyable? Very!

American Royals is a quick, amusing read that doesn’t tire the reader. It’s also the perfect book for fans of romantic stories with hints of drama, as well as for those who are amused by alternative Princess stories.