All We Could Have Been

All we could have been review - Bibliophile.gr162 days.

This is all Lexi needs. To survive in her new school for just 162 days, and then she’ll be ok.

Alexia has been changing school every year since she was 13. And in each one of them, she appears with a different name. All she wants is to remain unnoticed. But every year turns into a new disaster. But this is yer senior year. This is the last time she’ll have to run and hide. And maybe this year, the last 162 days are going to be fine.

But this time, she has made friends. She has let herself feel, and she’s fallen in love. Can she, for once, have a normal life? Is it possible for her? Or is everything going to be ruined again when someone finds out her real name and past?

There could be no more fitting title for this story than All We Could have Been. A story of secrets, pain, struggles, and a world that could have been but didn’t come to be, this is also a book of friendship and light appearing in a very dark situation. Lexi is a complex character, and definitely not your typical 17-year-old. But her feelings are valid and real, and they will appeal to many people who read this, especially adolescents.

The beautiful thing about this book is that it’s not trying to sugarcoat the difficult situation it’s describing. Through this story, the readers learn about Lexi, her struggle to cope with a hard past and an equally difficult present, and they are reminded how actions don’t only have consequences for the person who does them; sometimes they have a great impact on the ones around them, too.

A beautifully written book, I recommend All We Could Have Been to all fans of fiction, especially the YA genre.