A View Across the Rooftops

A View Across The Rooftops - bibliophile reviewWhen all is lost, can you find the strength to help someone else?

1941, Amsterdam.

Professor Josef is grieving the loss of his wife. Sworn to never love anyone else again, he goes on with his life as a professor quietly, while Amsterdam is being torn by the Nazis. But when the Nazis start persecuting the Jews, Josef will be presented with a hard choice: does he go about his quiet life, or does he help another human being?

Josef soon decides to provide refuge to his student, Michael. And as they get to know each other better, he will need to help the young man again: Michael, a Jew, is in love with a Dutch girl, something strictly forbidden by the Nazis. Can he risk his life once more to help love survive?

A View Across the Rooftops is a moving story about love, heartbreak, and hope. Incredibly well-written, it has an outstanding narrative. While reading, you can’t help but feel Josef’s pain, and celebrate his honorable decisions.

The setting is painted so well for the reader, that you can feel like you are part of the story. All in all, a very good book to read. Highly recommended for the fans of historical fiction, especially those who are interested in the WWII era.