A Danger to Herself and Others

A danger to herself and others - Bibliophile.grHannah is incredibly intelligent, a year away from entering an Ivy League College, and, as her parents have always said, ‘born mature’. So, this must clearly be a mistake. Why would anyone want her locked up in a psychiatric facility for teenage girls?

After all, Agnes’ fall was an accident. She has to make her psychiatrist realize that. She has to get out of here. When Lucy arrives to the facilities, Hannah sees the chance she had been waiting for: she will befriend the girl and prove to everyone that she is not, as her file states, “a danger to herself and others”.

A Danger to Herself and Others is a compelling story that gives a very interesting perspective into mental health, its consequences to the people who suffer from a mental disorder, as well as the consequences for the people around them.

Sometimes directly and sometimes through Hannah’s memories, we learn about her childhood, her family’s dynamics, and how those change during this ordeal.

Accompanied by exceptional narrative, the story combines very good character building with smart twist plots. Hannah is a very intelligent person, which makes it all the more difficult both for her and for the reader to accept that something is, indeed, wrong with her.

Many thriller aspects along the way make this book all the more intriguing, and the unanswered questions will make you want to read this in a day! Strongly recommended for fans of YA and thrillers.