6 Horror stories for Halloween eve

Halloween is just around the corner! Although it is not a part of Greece’s tradition, more and more people celebrate it. Some organize costume parties, some go to bars or clubs with spooky decorations,  some watch horror films, and then there are the bibliophiles. W hat better time is there for a good scary-to-death book or just short horror stories? So here are some of my favourites that you might also enjoy.

The Black Cat, Edgar Allan Poe

A personal favourite, Poe is known for his atmospheric and terrifying horror stories, most of them being fairly short. One of his best stories, according to the majority of Poe readers, is The Black Cat. A couple very fond of pets adopts a black cat, Pluto. Soon after, the husband starts being very suspicious of the cat, believing it pushes him towards being violent…to the point of murder.

SalemslothardcoverSalem’s Lot, Stephen King

Coming from a master of horror books, Salem’s Lot was one of King’s first novels. Ben Mears  returns to Jerusalem’s Lot (or ‘Salem’s Lot) in Maine, where he had lived from nine through thirteen, only to discover that the residents are starting to change and then disappear… If you are a fan of supernatural literature, this gem is a must!

Uncle-MontagueUncle Montague’s Tales of Terror, Chris Priestley

Uncle Montague always has the best stories to tell, and every one of them is as spooky as can be. But are they just stories? Or is his nephew about to find more on his latest visit? A collection of beautiful short stories that will get you in Halloween mood!


And then there were none, Agatha Christie

Looking for something a bit less spooky? If you want something classic and mysterious, yet nothing of the supernatural sort, go for a good mystery. And who was ever better at mystery novels than Agatha Christie? Ten people are invited on the Indian Island for a weekend, and there they start being murdered, one by one. Are you going to figure out the murderer before the end of the story?

Dracula, Bram Stoker

Ok, the title is self explanatory. Who hasn’t heard of Stoker’s novel, which was one of the first depictions of vampires in literature? Although Coppola’s movie was quite an accurate depiction of the story, nothing can beat the original. Reading this classic is highly suggested. You’ll come to love it, trust me.

coraline_graphic_novelCoraline, Neil Gaiman

A lot of you must have seen the movie, but again, read the book, pretty please! It is such a wonderful story, and it is definitely not just for children. Coraline Jones moves to an old house along with her parents. Being an energetic little girl, she soon finds a key that opens a strange little door hidden behind furniture in the living room, which leads to … her Other Mother! At first looking amazing, her Other Mother and Father will soon start to seem strange and threatening, and she will have to find a way back home quickly.