5 books your children will love this year!


You know the saying – ‘A child who reads is an adult who thinks”. A person usually comes to love reading in their childhood, so we can all understand the importance of books in early stages.

But children are an exceptionally tough crowd. Which has inevitably made children’s books more imaginative. There are so many to choose from nowadays. So which one will your children appreciate? Here are five books we think your children will love – and so will you!


101 Awesome women who changed the world

awesome women

Accompanied by happy, vibrant illustrations, 101 Awesome Women Who Changed The World is a beautiful read. Ideal  for every child out there, the book gives us some interesting, concise information about each figure selected to be in these pages. This is a diverse collection of inspiring women from around the world, a book that should definitely be added to your bookcase!

The Most Magnificent Thing

most magnificent thing

The Most Magnificent Thing is a beautiful, small story about trying, failing, and not giving up. A little girl and her best friend, her dog, start off an adventure to make the most magnificent thing. But, as she keeps trying, she finds that her invention is not perfect. It is not the most magnificent thing, and the fact makes her furious! After a long walk with her little friend, she finds the inspiration she needed so much!

Poetry for kids: William Shakespeare

poetry for kids

Here’s something for slightly older children. Poetry for kids introduces our young readers to the works of no other than the great William Shakespeare. All the parts selected were interesting, and under each one there were explanations for the difficult words and terms. There is also well-researched information about Shakespeare, as well as a section called “What William Was Thinking”, in which the reader gets a glimpse of Shakespeare’s way of thinking.

The Mermaid Who Couldn’t

mermaid who couldn't

The Mermaid Who Couldn’t is an adorable children’s story about neglect, finding yourself and being true to your very own “song”. Along with wonderful illustrations, Marianna’s story teaches us that, through love, we can always reach our true potential. Written in a way that reflects feelings and makes them clear while following the story, The Mermaid Who Couldn’t is a smart and beautiful means to talking to children about subjects such as neglect, confidence and love.

The Colors of History

colors of history

Throughout human history, colors have played a much more significant role than what we give them credit for! All colors have a story to tell, and The Colors of History tell exactly those stories. Did you know that there are different shades of yellow, all with their own names and history?  What color comes from cactus creatures? What is Puce?

The Colors of History is a very interesting, and very well constructed book! Filled with fun facts and history, it never gets dull, leaving the reader with at least one or two intriguing facts to remember for every color! The illustrations are also unique and absolutely stunning.