Time for the spooks: 5 books you should be reading on Halloween!

Raise your hands if Halloween is your favorite season!

There’s sea-and-sun people, and there’s Fall people. And although every season has its own charm, we’re here to talk about the most amazing time of the year: Halloween!

Books for the spooks

Now, we’ve done an article about Halloween books before, but so many amazing books have come out since then, that we just had to create another one!

Any complaints? No? Good! Here are five recently published (or soon-to-be published) books you should be reading this Halloween.

Creatures: The Legacy of Frankenstein, by various authors


A fascinating anthology in honor of one of the greatest Gothic books in the history of literature, Shelley’s Frankenstein. Creatures is a series of imaginative stories.

Based on Shelley’s original concept, the book is well constructed, with the stories of different authors fitting perfectly together.

All stories are original, well written and enjoyable. This is a book I would recommend to all fans of the Gothic literature genre. Need I mention it’s  a must-have for fans of the original Frankenstein?

The Strange Casebook, by Syd Moore


Another story collection! The Strange Casebook is full of perfect reads for Halloween! Carefully selected, this are fascinating stories, surrounded by an air of mystery and danger lurking in dark corners.

All stories are carefully constructed and very well written, with interesting twists and turns. Their length is ideal, : you won’t get bored, although you might be soon asking for more!

This is an enjoyable, quick read, that combines mystery with spookiness in a very successful blend. Ideal for lovers of strange stories and horror, The Strange Casebook is definitely recommended to all readers that can handle a little darkness in their books!

We Sold Our Souls, by Grady Hendrix



20 years ago, heavy metal band Durt Wurk was on its way to becoming a big brand name. But right before their big chance, a strange night causes them to fall apart. As lead singer Terry goes solo and becomes a worldwide famous star, the rest of the band members fall into mundane routines and simpler lives. Twenty years later, Kris discovers that Terry has sold the band’s souls in order to make it big – and that is just something she won’t let go.

We Sold Our Souls is a Faust-inspired plot. It successfully combines music culture with good, old-fashioned horror elements. The story builds up slowly to a very unique crescendo, that will definitely satisfy all lovers of the horror genre. There is a heavy, bleak atmosphere  across the story, which makes this a very unique horror read.

Definitely a good fit for heavy metal fans, We Sold Our Souls is filled with a sense of nostalgia for metal music’s past, and the music references are abundant.

The Corset, by Laura Purcell


Ruth is in prison for murder. But it is the way in which she causes people’s deaths that is chilling: the teenage seamstress says she does it all with a needle and some thread. Ruth’s dark thoughts and anger, she claims, are sewn into the clothes she makes. And people who wear her clothes soon meet their untimely end.

Is Ruth mad? Can any hint of truth be hidden behind her words?

The Corset is a thrilling story that keeps readers on their toes. Plot twists are everywhere, keeping you guessing throughout the whole book: is Ruth sane? Is there any truth in her words?

The Corset is quite dark, but it is a beautiful story nonetheless, one that you find easy to love. You will get engrossed in it in no time – and the time you spend reading this will certainly be worthwhile!

Samhain Secrets, by Jennifer David Hesse


Keli has a lot to figure out in her life. And the biggest one? Her long-estranged aunt, Josephine O’Malley, has been found dead in nearby camping grounds. Keli desperately wants to find who hides behind this murder. What was her aunt’s true life like? Did she really have enemies? And which one of them is actually capable of murder?

Samhain Secrets is a fast-paced cozy mystery. The plot is quite interesting, and the story is easy-going and quite straight-forward. The setting is very good – who doesn’t love the Halloween season?

Overall it was quite a good story, and a quick read. We especially recommended this to  fans of cozy mystery books.