5 books to help you unwind on the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But even if this is an exaggeration, it is definitely a period with more time off. And that can only mean more reading for the bookworms!

So, here are 5 books we enjoyed lately. They are well-written, attention-grasping, and absolutely worth your time!There you go :

Paper Girl

Paper girl - Bibliophile.gr

A teenage girl with severe anxiety problems hasn’t left her apartment for months. With her online chess games as her only outlet, she spends her time inside, having a boring life. Until her mother hires Jackson as her tutor. Jackson, the boy she used to have a crush on. Will he be able to inspire her to overcome her fears?

Paper Girl is a sweet story about our fears, love, and overcoming the problems in our lives. It’s a quick read, with some good humor involved. Not the most unique plot, it is, nevertheless, a pleasant story to read.

Boneless Mercies

The Boneless Mercies - Bibliophile.gr

The Boneless Mercies roam the land, hired by people in order to bring quick and painful death to those who await for it. But it has been too long for Frey. She and her fellow Mercies are tired of the death and isolation. So, when a story about a monster that terrorizes the kingdom reaches them, Frey realizes that it’s their only hope to leave the work of the Mercies behind.

The Boneless Mercies is a story with a unique fantasy element. Dark, yet hopeful at the same time, the story of this team of fearless but emotionally tired women transports the reader in a different time and place, and helps them empathize with the team’s sorrows.

The Boneless Mercies is a book you need to read if fantasy or YA is the genre you love. It stands out among the plethora of fantasy books out there, and it’s definitely worth the reader’s time.

 Friday Black

Friday Black - Bibliophile.gr

An anthology of strange, variant and powerful stories, Friday Black is an excellent read that tackles a lot of today’s problems. Sometimes allegorical, other times dystopian and often even scary, the author’s stories handle serious problems such as racism, conformity and cultural unrest. Humanity is overall on the spotlight, along with all its problems, but also the strive for turning it into something better.

This is Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah’s debut novel – a fact that makes it even more worthwhile reading, since it is so well composed that you can’t really detect the fact that it’s their first one. This is an author to watch for, as there will surely be more excellent reads of his to pick.

The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge

The assassination of Brangwain Spurge - Bibliophile.gr

Historian elf Brangwain Spurge has a very clear mission: travel to the land of goblins and present their King, a dark and mysterious alien, with a mighty present.

Goblin archivist Werfel has his own mission: he is Spurge’s host, and he’s determined to please his guest and assist him in any way possible.

Although things should have been very simple, those two will get in a lot of trouble. Facing hilarious, strange, and sometimes dangerous situations, the two scholars will struggle to ,like each other- but it’s not so easy!

A story built expertly around two magical kingdoms, The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge is a witty, hilarious story full of adventure, action and laughter. But what is most important about this book is what the authors have managed addressing: this is a very intelligent satire revolving around politics, racism, and the results of propaganda and intolerance towards other cultures.

Accompanied by exceptional illustrations, The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge is an intelligent, pleasant read, fit for children and teenagers, as well as for adults.


Seafire by Natalie Parker - Bibliophile.gr

What a powerful  story!

This is an action-packed adventure full of exciting characters with interesting backgrounds. This is a powerful story, with an even more powerful, highly unexpected beginning. The narrative was beautiful.

This is a book I would definitely recommend to everyone who loves fiction and fantasy.