The 5 best graphic novels to read this Fall

Let’s admit it: we’re not always in the mood for a long read. War and Peace might be your thing, no questions asked. But at some point, you’re going to need something lighter. And this is where graphic novels, mangas and comics come in.

An art form of its own, this category of reading has its own charm. There’s something about the beautiful artwork that makes you fall into the story so hard and fast, it is almost magical. So, here are our best 5 recommendations if graphic novels are your thing!


Watersnakes, by Tony Sandoval

Watersnakes is a surreal story of friendship, life, death and everything in between. Narrated as a dark fairytale and accompanied by magical illustrations, this is definitely a very strange but very interesting story. It keeps the reader hooked and wondering what comes next. And the excellent thing about this story is that you really can’t see what’s coming up!

Definitely recommended for fans of fantasy, Gothic-style stories and graphic novels.


Macbeth, by William Shakespeare

A brilliant re-edition of a great work of literature! Macbeth manga stays true to the original play. Accompanied by beautiful and inventive illustrations, it is difficult not to love this edition. Strongly recommended to fans of mangas, but also to fans of Shakespeare.

music box bibliophile

The Music Box, by Carbone and Gije

Nola’s eighth birthday is sad; her mom has passed away and she doesn’t feel like celebrating. But when her father gives her a music box that used to belong to her mother, she quickly finds out that there is a whole other world inside of it. Pandorient is a beautiful, but dangerous world, and her mother has been there before.

The Music Box is an adorable fantasy graphic novel. The illustrations are exceptional, with vibrant colors and cute characters. The storyline is unique and interesting, and pretty easy to follow.

zojaqan bibliophile

Zojaqan, by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly

Shannon Kind, a grieving mother who has lost her son, wakes up to find herself in another universe. Starting off on what seems like the beginning of life on that planet, she learns to survive, adapt and help the creatures of that world evolve.

Zojaqan is a beautiful allegorical tale about loss, grieving, civilization and an attempt on the meaning of life. Accompanied by stunning illustrations, Shannon’s adventures leave a lot of things to ponder about, and a lot of life lessons for us all.

 nightmare before christmas bibliophile

Nightmare Before Christmas : Zero’s Journey , by D.J. Milky

During playtime, Zero gets lost and ends up in Christmas Town. But, after all that has happened between Halloween Town and Christmas Town, who can go bring the sweet pup back to his master?

This is a wonderful spin-off story from the all-time classic movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, with ghost pup Zero being the main hero. It’s funny, sweet, and involves all our favorite movie characters. The illustrations are true to the movie and absolutely impeccable.

Strongly recommended for fans of anything Halloween, especially The Nightmare Before Christmas.