Children’s Book : 101 Awesome Women Who Changed Our World


Let me tell you a story …

…about 101 women who were (or still are) passionate, energetic, optimistic and resourceful! Fairy tales are undoubtedly wonderful, but sometimes an alternative story can also be very good for children (and, let’s be honest, for adults, too!) 101 Awesome Women Who Changed Our World falls under this category : this is a fun, informative book that you can read with your children. No princesses and castles involved, but a lot of real people that actually changed the world!

Follow along as the book explores the life of 101 amazing women !

Younger and older,  artists, scientists and activists, these are people whose stories inspire you, and make you more hopeful for the future. No matter their occupation, these female figures made a great impact on the way we live our lives today, and this is what the book is about.

Stories and colours

Accompanied by happy, vibrant illustrations, 101 Awesome Women Who Changed The World is a beautiful read. Ideal  for every child out there, the book gives us some interesting, concise information about each figure selected to be in these pages. Although the book is specifically appealing to younger readers, it is one that readers of any age would be happy to read. This is a diverse collection of inspiring women from around the world, a book that should definitely be added to your bookcase!