The Bird King

The Bird King review -


The last Muslim emirate of Spain is living its last days before surrendering to the Catholic kingdom. Fatima is a concubine to the Sultan, and has lived all her life in the palace. Her only real friend has always been Hassan, the royal mapmaker with the extraordinary ability to create maps of places that never existed before. Continue reading “The Bird King”


Wakenhyrst review -

1913. A strange crime is committed in the Wakenhyrst manor.

A prestigious figure in the area of Suffolk is driven insane. During a strange fit, he commits murder. He spends the rest of his life in an asylum. Nobody knows what has lead to this tragic incident.

Fifty years later, his daughter and only witness to this tragedy, is finally ready to tell her story. And it’s a story no one can easily believe. Continue reading “Wakenhyrst”

Run Away

Run Away by Harlan Coben -

Simon hadn’t seen his daughter in months.

An addict, she has ran away with Aaron Corval, the man who hooked her on drugs. So, when Simon gets a glimpse of her again, he’s sure he can convince her to come home. But a confrontation with her boyfriend will lead to Simon assaulting him.

This is were things get complicated

Weeks later, the police find the body of brutally murdered Aaron Corval. To the eyes of the police, Simon is the primary suspect. But to Simon, there are worse things that come with the news: his daughter is still missing, and no one is even looking for her. Continue reading “Run Away”