Spending her life around anything written, Ioanna is an editor, a writer, and a massive fan of all forms of storytelling. Books are her greatest love among all - and she shares it by recommending the best books she's read. With an average of 250 read books per year - that's a lot!
Humble Pi - review

Humble Pi

Math: a word that brings so much hate in our brains. It reminds us of sitting at school, learning things we’d rather not be learning, because let’s face it: who needs math in their everyday lives, right? Well, wrong. And...

much ado about nutmeg - review

Much Ado About Nutmeg

Get ready, it’s cozy mystery time! It’s summer, and Wildwood Cove is living in the fever of the Golden Oldies Games. And while the town is preparing to host the sports games for people over fifty, Marley McKinney is busy...

Adult conversation - review

Adult Conversation

When April started a family with her husband, she decided that she wanted to be a full-time mom. Fun, right? But what happens when you’ve miscalculated?

I've seen the end of you - review

I’ve Seen the End of You

When a neurosurgeon sees the MRI of a patient with the most cruel form of brain cancer, they know. They can say the have seen the end of you. But might it just be possible that even once in a...