3 books to read if you enjoyed Stoker’s Dracula

3 best vampire books after Dracula

If Stoker’s Dracula fascinated you, you’re not the only one. Vampire stories have a way of capturing the reader’s attention (which is why this isn’t the first time we’ve written about vampire books!)

If you don’t want to stop reading vampire stories at this ultimate classic, here are three excellent reads you can continue your quest with: Continue reading “3 books to read if you enjoyed Stoker’s Dracula”

The Sentence Is Death : Another compelling story from the mind of Anthony Horowitz

sentence is death bibliophile horowitz

A death, a bottle, and a number

High-end divorce lawyer Richard Pryce is found dead in his apartment, brutally murdered. On the wall over his words a cryptic number is painted: 182. And his last words indicate that the murderer was someone Pryce had definitely known. Continue reading “The Sentence Is Death : Another compelling story from the mind of Anthony Horowitz”

Lestat is back! Blood Communion, by Anne Rice

blood communion anne rice

We have missed you, Lestat!

How do you begin to write a review about a series that have been so well-known for such a long time? The majority of the bibliophilic world is familiar with Anne Rice. She is the person who gave us the series of novels about the sensual, smart, and – let’s face it- sometimes evil vampire Lestat. So, from the gifted writer who gave us lots and lots of incredible reading time, here comes the next book in the series: Blood Communion. Continue reading “Lestat is back! Blood Communion, by Anne Rice”

Time for the spooks: 5 books you should be reading on Halloween!


Raise your hands if Halloween is your favorite season!

There’s sea-and-sun people, and there’s Fall people. And although every season has its own charm, we’re here to talk about the most amazing time of the year: Halloween!

Books for the spooks

Now, we’ve done an article about Halloween books before, but so many amazing books have come out since then, that we just had to create another one!

Any complaints? No? Good! Here are five recently published (or soon-to-be published) books you should be reading this Halloween. Continue reading “Time for the spooks: 5 books you should be reading on Halloween!”

“Come back to the swamp”…and I dare you not to get scared!



Bernice hadn’t signed up for this.

All she wanted to do is complete her research in Cleary Swamp in order to complete her PhD. But, when an old woman approaches her screaming and claiming she IS the Swamp herself, she realizes that something is going horribly wrong in that place.

It’s an ordinary day for Bernice when it all starts.

As every morning, she goes out to Cleary Swamp for her professor’s project. But something is different today. An old woman suddenly approaches her, screaming, demanding she leaves the premises.  And that’s not even the most peculiar part of the event.

After the strange woman declares that she herself is the soul of the swamp, Bernice will start researching on the history of the area. What she finds is disturbing- can the old woman really be the young girl who was declared missing in the area decades ago?  Our heroine will make the mistake of going back there, and that’s when she realizes a frightening truth: the Swamp wants her, and it will do anything in its power to keep her there.

A classic horror story

Come back to the Swamp is a very intriguing horror story. Carefully constructed, it involves a good amount of humor, and Bernice’s internal monologues and thoughts are very enjoyable. The novel is a blend of unique ideas and classical horror, thoroughly reminding the reader of the classic horror movies of the sixties and seventies. Even though its length is surprisingly short, it admittingly works incredibly well in this story. Not long enough to tire the reader, not so short that it would leave you with unanswered questions.

If thrillers are your thing, make sure to give Come Back to the Swamp a try. This is a pleasant, quick read that you don’t want to miss out on.


For the fans of all-about-Dracula : Dracula, Rise of the Beast


Who doesn’t love a good horror story?

The heart beats faster,  your hands tremble, and every little sound in the house makes you jump. Nevertheless, you still love it. Does this sound familiar? If so, you love a good horror story. Most bookworms do, which is why we feel so happy when we find a good horror book to read. And who is one of the most prominent figures in horror literature?

The man, the myth, the legend : Dracula

Everyone knows the beloved figure. Starting with Stoker’s depiction of the historical figure of Vlad III of Wallachia as a blood-sucking, immortal creature (or does undead sound better?), readers all over the world get fascinated with stories about him. Do I need to say more?

Dracula: Rise of the Beast

This is a collection of horror stories about both Dracula and his historical counterpart, Vlad III of Wallachia.

Five different stories from different authors attempt to get the reader acquainted with both the historical figure and the legend. Using historical facts about Vlad III and lore from Romania and the surrounding countries, the authors  give their own perspective on the man, the myth, the legend.

Whether we follow the story through the eyes of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a Jewish leader of Budapest or a French servant, there is always suspense in every narrative. The reader follows along different parts of the same figure’s life, all stemming from the authors’ imagination, but all thrilling nonetheless.

An anthology of horror stories you need

The stories are smart, incredibly well researched and carefully constructed, shrouding Dracula in a proper air of mystery, as is well deserved for this legendary figure. Each part of this book is completely different from the next one, which adds more interest to it.  Although the stories come from different authors, the whole anthology seems to bind together remarkably well, retaining the same atmosphere along the whole book.

Recommended for all fans of “everything Dracula”, this is a book you will want to add to your collection. However, it is a good collection of horror stories for everyone else,as well. You don;t need to be fond of vampire stories in order to enjoy this book, and that makes it all the more interesting.