Children’s book: The Girl with the Dragon Heart

the girl with the dragon heart -

Welcome to Drachenburg

In the beautiful kingdom of Drachenburg lives a bright young girl, who tells stories like no other human can. Silke’s ability to weave stories is so good, that even the crown princess has noticed it. And now that she has, she will need Silke to work for her on a dangerous task that requires a lot of intelligence.

The fairies are coming to the Kingdom of Drachenburg, and nobody knows why. Having lived underground years, the fae are cunning, secretive people. And very, very dangerous. Continue reading “Children’s book: The Girl with the Dragon Heart”

Come on an epic journey: Gods and Heroes , by Korwin Briggs

Workman Publishing. $19.95, Hardcover

In lands of peculiar Gods and Epic heroes

A long, long time ago, people believed in deities and heroes very different from what people worship nowadays. Every culture has its stories, its heroes and its Gods. Follow along as Korwin Briggs introduces us to some of those very interesting figures.

From Irish gods to Greek heroes, the variety is impressing. More than 70 characters are hidden between these pages. Accompanied by banners that show you the myths’ origins, this is an exciting book filled with stories from around the world! Continue reading “Come on an epic journey: Gods and Heroes , by Korwin Briggs”

5 books your children will love this year!

children's books


You know the saying – ‘A child who reads is an adult who thinks”. A person usually comes to love reading in their childhood, so we can all understand the importance of books in early stages.

But children are an exceptionally tough crowd. Which has inevitably made children’s books more imaginative. There are so many to choose from nowadays. So which one will your children appreciate? Here are five books we think your children will love – and so will you! Continue reading “5 books your children will love this year!”

Children’s Book : The Most Magnificent Thing


Let’s go on an adventure!


A little girl and her best friend, her dog, start off an adventure to make the Most Magnificent Thing! But, as she keeps trying, she finds that her invention is not perfect. It is not the Most Magnificent Thing, and that makes her furious!But the smart little girl is not about to give up. After a long walk with her little helper, she finds the inspiration she needed so much! Continue reading “Children’s Book : The Most Magnificent Thing”

Children’s Book : 101 Awesome Women Who Changed Our World


Let me tell you a story …

…about 101 women who were (or still are) passionate, energetic, optimistic and resourceful! Fairy tales are undoubtedly wonderful, but sometimes an alternative story can also be very good for children (and, let’s be honest, for adults, too!) 101 Awesome Women Who Changed Our World falls under this category : this is a fun, informative book that you can read with your children. No princesses and castles involved, but a lot of real people that actually changed the world! Continue reading “Children’s Book : 101 Awesome Women Who Changed Our World”

Children’s book : A place for Pluto



Pluto used to be a planet

Pluto used to be a planet, one of the “famous nine”. Until one day, humans decided he wasn’t fit to be one. What could poor Pluto do? Feeling alone and different, he started searching for others that might be just like him!

An amusing way to learn new things!

A Place for Pluto is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about Pluto’s ranking change from planet to dwarf planet. Using very sweet, emotional and funny lines, the author manages to give children all the right information, while at the same time keeping the story very interesting.

Finding out where we belong

A Place for Pluto manages to be both informative about astronomy and about fitting in at the same time, which actually makes the book double-worth it! Sometimes we all feel left out, until we find where we belong, and the story of Pluto sends this wonderful message! There is also extra information about Pluto at the end of the story. All in all, a book strongly recommended for children and adults alike!

Children’s Book : Simon and the big,bad,angry beasts


We all get angry sometimes.

So do the children (even more so, to be precise). But that doesn’t mean we should let ourselves become unpleasant to others. After all, actions have consequences. Which is why a book about anger is very useful (and, in all honesty, not just for children).

Simon finds himself angry at times.

Whether it’s losing at games or being told no about something he really wants, he can’t keep calm, and he can’t keep his anger under control. One day, when he gets angry, an angry animal appears next to him. He thinks it’s great, and every time he gets angry it becomes worse.

Every time, a bigger, angrier beast appears next to him. What he hasn’t realized, however, is that the beasts scare his friends and family away. Nobody wants to play with “Simon the Terrible” anymore.

Anger & its consequences

This is a wonderful allegory about anger and its consequences. Beautifully illustrated, the book helps children understand that tantrums and outbursts, if not treated with mindfulness, can chase people away. It teaches us that tantrums are not pleasant, neither for others, nor for ourselves.

What is more, along with the story come notes for parents and teachers, as well as exercises, so that the book can be used for discussing the topic with children.

Children’s book: No One Else Like You


“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.”  C.S. Lewis

Children books are the gem stones of literature. I strongly believe that a good book written for children is a book an adult can read as well. Aside from that fact, I believe a good children’s book has to have a sweet story, an adventure maybe, and most importantly: a valuable lesson. I read one such book recently, and here’s what I can tell you about it.

So many people, all different.

In a world populated by seven billion people, it is easy to feel like you are the same as everybody else. But if you look closely enough, you will find that we are all different in our own way. It might be a physical difference, or it might be the family we grew up in. It might be our emotions, or the way we react to things. What you need to remember, is that there is no one else like you.

But being different is not necessarily a bad thing.

Siska Goeminne manages to give a beautiful description of some of the differences you might find among all those people that inhabit our world. This is a simple, yet effective and nice way to show a child (and why not?even an adult) that every person is unique, and this uniqueness should be celebrated.

Another thing I got from this book is that we shouldn’t be jealous of what others have. As seen in the part talking about families, you might have a lot of family members and wish for quiet, or you might be an only child and wish you had a big family.

Everyone wishes for something different, but there’s always something good about what we have. Consequently, the story helps us become a little more grateful for what we actually have.

All in all, this is a book I would definitely buy for a child. Beautifully written, filled with wonderful ideas and definitely worth sitting down and reading it with your child.